susan carkeek

Welcome to the Studio of Susan Carkeek-Harris

I have a studio on the coast just south of San Francisco.

My earlier work focused on the structures of "knowing" as the decider of our experience and reality, oppose to what we know. I explored this with paintings of our symbol systems, concept mapping, poles and language prints.

After a series of losses and 911 my work shifted to “Love Letters To Those Who Left” and "Bone Dust”.

Presently, the focus of my work is what I think of as ‘Voltaire’s Garden’.  Inspired by the famous line at the end of  “Candide” ; 'Il faut cultiver notre jardin’.  This work includes the Wabi Sabi “String Series” (or little meditations), “Ghost Flowers”, the paper carvings, and my most recent work “Elegy Trees”.  Often my garden and the ocean view right outside my studio door supply me with subject matter.